UCEA Center for the Evaluation of Educational

Leadership Preparation and Practice (CELP)

High quality leadership preparation is the essential first step in building a strong educational leadership pipeline. More importantly, high-quality leadership preparation, evaluation and development are essential to high-quality practice, which in turn optimizes the capacity of schools and central offices to support student engagement and learning. CELP is a UCEA Program Center that makes available valid and reliable evaluation research tools, methods and training materials and strategies for leadership preparation programs. 

Federal, state, and district stakeholders are increasingly focusing on the quality of educational leadership preparation and are seeking ways to assess the quality of preparation programs. However, few programs have developed the capacity to ascertain program effectiveness and impact on their program graduates.  For many programs, their lack of capacity reflects their lack of access to valid, reliable methodology and infrastructure for technical assistance, data sharing, and guidance in collecting, interpreting and using evaluation data for program improvement and enhanced leadership preparation.  UCEA seeks to change this scenario. 

Through this center, UCEA fosters:

  1. The collection and analysis of survey evaluation research data for program benchmarking and in-depth multi-program analysis of program features and graduate career and leadership practices outcomes.
  2. The creation of a systematic process for collecting and analyzing state data on degrees and certification by institution, and career advancement and school progress by graduates and institutions.
  3. The provision of evaluation training provides technical assistance and support for leadership preparation programs and establishes regional train-the-trainer opportunities to increase evaluation technical assistance capacity locally.
  4. The creation of a sustainable system for on-going evaluation research to support the on-going evaluation and improvement of leadership preparation programs.