Current Project

Since spring 2009, the Evaluation Taskforce has reorganized into seven small workgroups to address related research design issues and develop collaborative studies. The groups, their work thus far and key contact people are identified below:

  • Qualitative and case study research on leadership preparation. The workgroup has identified several areas for qualitative inquiry into leadership preparation. Contact: Bill Black (USF)
  • Surveying teachers on leadership preparation program graduates’ effectiveness. The taskforce has developed a companion teacher survey to solicit feedback on graduates’ effectiveness as school leaders. Several taskforce members are now piloting the survey. Contact: Susan Korach (UoDenver)
  • Doctoral program evaluation issues. The workgroup has decided that too little is known about the current status of doctoral programs in leadership preparation and proposed to undertake a survey of key program features and characteristics (e.g. type of degree—EdD or PhD; type of dissertation; credit and course requirements; admissions criteria; and dissertation advisement practices). Contact: Karen Jackson  (UoUtah), or Liz Hollingworth (UoIowa),
  • State data systems. This workgroup is investigating the existing and availability of state data systems for preparation program evaluation purposes. Using an exploratory study of 16 SREB states, they concluded that states have sufficient data to evaluate school leader pipeline, program, production, placement and performance, but lack capacity to make these data available. As a next step, the group proposed to craft a model of leader preparation and outcomes, making use of available state data resources.  Such a model might include Policy system effects (certification, professional development requirements), program characteristics (features, practices, recruitment, focus, enrollment size, location), principal placement and persistence, School and district characteristics, teacher characteristics and retention, student characteristics and performance.  Contact: Leslie Bussey (SREB)
  • Assessing student performance. This subgroup is working on developing a leadership preparation performance assessment system modeled on the California PACT system currently being used for teacher preparation assessment in California universities and others nationwide ( The group plans to develop and pilot a system for preparation programs. Contact: Matt Militello (NCSU)
  • Networking federal USDoE School Leadership Program grantees on evaluation research measures, methods and strategies.  This subgroup is developing a common evaluation plan to incorporate into the evaluations of their funded programs. Contact: Karen Crum (Old Dominion Univ),
  • University-district partnerships. As an off-shoot of the federal grantee group and in response to state policy action, a workgroup formed around researching effective university-district partnerships. Contact: Tricia Browne-Ferrigno (UK)