The Evaluation Taskforce

The UCEA/TEA-SIG Taskforce on Evaluating Leadership Preparation Programs (Taskforce) was formed in 2001 to address these dilemmas and gaps in evaluation research. An informal work group was formed as the taskforce to study these issues and develop a collaborative, comparative evaluation study. Out of this work grew three purposes:

(1) To conduct comparative evaluation of evaluate leadership preparation programs’ impact on their graduates and the PreK – 12 schools that they lead;

(2) to develop research designs, methods, and instruments that can be replicated and refined through study in multiple institutions and settings to facilitate on-going knowledge development on leadership preparation both nationally and internationally; and

 (3) To engage the leadership preparation field more broadly in the individual and comparative study of their programs’ effectiveness and impact.

Over the past eight years, the Taskforce has made significant progress on all three goals, generating significant research findings, methodology and instrumentation and greatly broadening the participation of researchers and evaluators in the study of leadership preparation and its effectiveness. The most significant has been the develop of a follow-up survey of graduates and alumni and a shared survey administration process that allows us to aggregate data for benchmarking and program evaluation.