How to Enroll

Step 1:

Determine whether the survey meets your program's needs and evaluation                       purposes by answering the following questions:

Do you want to learn any of the following about your program?  
  • graduates’ demographics, professional characteristics, career intentions and advancements, program ratings and key features
  • characteristics of current school where graduates lead as principals and assistant principals including school leadership practices, school improvement work, school climate and culture, assessment of their schools in terms of student, teacher, and parent engagement in learning, and assessment of district support

For which of the following purposes do you want to use the results?

  1. Program evaluation and improvement
  2. As one source of evidence for ELCC/NCATE, TEAC or state accreditation report
  3. Program benchmarking and comparison
  4. Other_________________________


If yes, you are interested, please fill out the initial registration form.

Step 2: 

Review the site permission agreement letter. Have it signed and send it to survey administrator.

Step 3: 

Contact UCEA technical support to initiate a survey contract or with additional inquiries. 

Step 4:  

Go to Administrative Steps.