The Leadership Preparation Program Edition (INSPIRE-PP) has complimentary purposes that serve both individual programs and the field at large.  For programs, it provides comparative data on the core features of building and district level leadership preparation programs. Importantly, your preparation program faculty could benefit from comparative data regarding:

  1. programs within an institution;
  2. programs within the UCEA consortium; 
  3. programs within a region, state or other groupings; and 
  4. programs among types of institutions such as public and private, selectivity, or Carnegie classification.  

Furthermore, completing the survey enables a program to document program design and delivery at one point in time, and if repeated can establish a program history.  For those programs who choose to administer the Center’s SLPPS Alumni Survey, data from the program features survey can also be linked to graduates’ assessments of program design, delivery and effectiveness;

The INSPIRE Preparation Program Edition is comprised of the following parts:

  • candidate selection practices;
  • program design;
  • core content;
  • instructional delivery approaches;
  • candidate assessment practices;
  • staffing;
  • governance; and
  • financial attributes.

The question format is primarily multiple choice and short-answer.