Administration Steps

Step 1:

Compile a list of your graduates and alumni with their current email addresses.

Step 2:

Use the email address form to enter the information. Follow the email checklist guidelines to ensure quality and completeness. 

Step 3:

Send out an email notice to all graduates and alumni about the survey using the survey notification form. Use bounce-back emails to locate email errors and make corrections.

Step 4:

Edit the email list as a final copy and submit it to the survey administrator

Step 5:

Identify any additional institution-specific questions to be added as branches to the core survey and submit to the survey administrator for review and inclusion. 

Step 6:

Investigate your institution's IRB policies for surveying graduates and alumni. If necessary, apply for your institution's IRB approval using the IRB protocol as a model. Submit your IRB approval to the survey administrator

Step 7:

Use the institutional cover letter as a model to prepare your own and submit it to the survey administrator.

Step 8:

Schedule the survey fielding with the survey administrator. The survey will be fielded over a 4-6 week period. 

Step 9:

Survey results will be edited and a summary descriptive report and an SPSS file of the survey data will be prepared and returned to the program.